Great Britain flag icon  The Day I Met Sean Connery

 Jennifer Bassett

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Everyone in life has a person you can only dream about. He seems to be the most beautiful, kind and intelligent in the world. Usually you can't meet with him personally. But you often communicate with your icon in your dreams. There he becomes your best friend. You spend much time together and you understand each other without words. You can save him from some unexpected threats. He may be a rock star, a famous athlete or an actor. As many others, Marina also has such a dream person. The girl does not even expect to meet or talk to him. This is Sean Connery. Once she manages to meet with this wonderful actor, but none of her friends believes Marina. This is not strange, but very disappointing. And the story of the meeting turns out to be very interesting.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 497 Total words: 1800

Hard words: footballer, shortbread, aftershave, bookshop, whoosh, moustache, rubbish, mum, unimportant, wee, cupboard, biscuit, scottish, raised, comb, trousers, blonde, fetch, bald, unbelievable, bored, useless, goodbye, clever, boring, honestly, brave, fantastic, cruise.