Great Britain flag icon  The Lady in the Lake

 Raymond Chandler

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Phillip Marlowe, a private detective, wants to make some money. He wrote a detective novel and sent it to a publishing house, which prints the horror novels. The editor invited Mr. Marlowe for a meeting. During the meeting the detective understood one thing. The editor was interested in his detective skills. She proposed a deal: if Phillip solved a difficult case, the novel would be published. The case was connected with the disappearance of publisher's wife. The detective accepted this proposition. There was one thing confusing him. The wife had left with her lover. Despite of this Marlowe started an investigation as he urgently needed money. Suddenly he was caught up in a complicated story.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 626 Total words: 7152

Hard words: pricking, queen, thane, armour, kingly, honour, lord, chewed, crowned, lustful, nobly, doubled, strengthened, homeward, bay, puma, fearfully, womanly, wickedly, tormented, devilish, scone, foretell, fawn, unharmed, goodnight, hellish, coronation, cauldron, angelic.