Great Britain flag icon  The Lady or the Tiger

 Frank Stockton

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Once there was a strong and clever king in one country. He was unhappy because the citizens of his country were wrongdoers. The king thought for a long a time how he could change his folk for the better. One day good idea crossed his mind. He built a big and nice stadium. It contained five thousand people. They thought it had been created for having a good time. They were wrong. There were two blue doors in the stadium. Behind one door there was a tiger. Behind the other one there was a beautiful lady. Since that time someone, who did something wrong, would have to go the stadium. There he would make a choice and open one door. He would either be eaten or get married to the lady. People were scared. The wrongdoers had to be very careful. Can people change?

 Tags:   fairy-tale    society    fiction  

Hard words:

firstly, moustache, secondly, excite, clever, stadiu park, hungry, dirty, lover, sad, lucky, bread, closely, tired, opening, cheap, tooth, cat, brown, angry, dance, carefully, danger, shut, tall, lady, flower