Great Britain flag icon  The Lady or the Tiger

 Frank Stockton

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Once there was a strong and clever king in one country. He was unhappy because the citizens of his country were wrongdoers. The king thought for a long a time how he could change his folk for the better. One day good idea crossed his mind. He built a big and nice stadium. It contained five thousand people. They thought it had been created for having a good time. They were wrong. There were two blue doors in the stadium. Behind one door there was a tiger. Behind the other one there was a beautiful lady. Since that time someone, who did something wrong, would have to go the stadium. There he would make a choice and open one door. He would either be eaten or get married to the lady. People were scared. The wrongdoers had to be very careful. Can people change?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 319 Total words: 1631

Hard words: firstly, moustache, secondly, excite, clever, stadiu park, hungry, dirty, lover, sad, lucky, bread, closely, tired, opening, cheap, tooth, cat, brown, angry, dance, carefully, danger, shut, tall, lady, flower