Great Britain flag icon  The Last of the Mohicans

 James Fenimore Cooper

59787    23    18    18    31     62

There was a war between the British and the French for the possession of American lands. Opponents often have used feuding Indian tribes. It was a hard and cruel time. Danger lurks at every turn. Two sisters Cora and Alice Munro were going to his father. They were accompanied by Major Duncan Heyward. With them was an Injun Magua known as the cunning fox. Injun himself offered to conduct a group by the safe path. But soon Major Duncan began to worry that the group got lost. Soon, the travelers met Hawkeye, who exposed the Magua. Magua led a group to the ambushed. Hawkeye was a great person. With the help of Chingachgook and his son Uncas Hawkeye funneling travelers to the small rocky island. When they were having dinner Injun Uncas attending to younger sister Cora. But danger hasn’t passed and their enemy has found them in the shelter.

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Hard words:

guarding, tattoo, turtle, fascinating, tent corn, paddle, hudson, necklace, bear footprints