USA flag icon  The Lost World

 Conan Doyle

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Beloved of a young Ireland journalist Edward Malone told him she would marry only a hero. So he asked his boss, the news editor, to give him a "dangerous mission". Thus, he was given a job to take an interview from an eccentric professor George Challenger, who hated any journalists. The first meeting with professor started with a fight. Fortunately, they has got on and Malone at last accepted unbelievable professor's story about a lost unexplored world where dinosaurs still live together with people. A few other people trusted Challenger as well, and they agreed to prove to everyone else existence of the lost world. Professor as the only one, who was on mysterious plateau before, led the way to Brazil. After hiring a few local guides, travelers started their unpredictable and exiting adventure.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1081 Total words: 7449

Hard words: parthenogenetic, queen, allosauru stegosauru plas agouti, bush, pterodactyl, lord, favour, telegraph, zoologist, august, zoological, crossbow, carnivorou cranial, primeval, scratching, mada clover, kangaroo, triumphantly, roaring, chirp, lying, respectfully, absurdity