Great Britain flag icon  The Moving Finger

 Agatha Christie

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"The Moving Finger" is a famous detective novel written by Agatha Christie. The book offers plenty of riddles and mysterious events. Jerry Burton, a former pilot, is recovering after a plane crash. Following his doctor's advice, the man decides to get away from the city noise. Together with his sister Joanna, he rents a house in a small village of Lymstock. But the place doesn't seem as quiet as they had expected. Very soon, the Burtons get a rude anonymous letter hinting they are not really brother and sister. Later it turns out that they are not the only people in the village tormented by the unpleasant letters. However, many local citizens take it as a bad joke until one woman commits suicide after receiving a similar letter. Now everyone who knows something about her death is in real danger.

Hard words:

letterbox, enjoyably, maths, wastepaper, bush, cheque, aeroplane, cloakroom, nether, dressmaker, schoolroom, inquest, idleness, governess, unpleasantness, august, churchyard, vicar, frighteningly, unforgivable, partridge, stepdaughter, postman, ungrateful, shapeless, immorality, laziness, curling, expressionless.