Great Britain flag icon  The Mystery of Allegra

 Foreman Peter

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The beginning of the novel depicts a 16-year-old boy, who is travelling around Italy with his parents. Night comes and it starts raining. The family is tired. They are trying to find a place to sleep. Suddenly, the tourists see the sign "Villa Henderson" in English. Everyone is surprised, as no one expected to see the English inscriptions in this country. They knock on the door, and the hostess of the villa warmly welcomes new guests. She introduces her daughter to them and talks about her granddaughter, who is sleeping now. Later, the main character meets a 5-year-old girl. This is a cute and friendly child. Much later, the boy realizes that everything is not so simple with the girl. It turns out she has a terrible secret.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 623 Total words: 5408

Hard words: tike, lord, nightdress, stupidly, fiat, tombstone, mummy, convent, villa, armchair, aged, moonlight, nineteen, eighty, darling, balcony, clever, blond, cemetery, upstairs, fever, diary.