Great Britain flag icon  The Nightmare Before Christmas

 Tim Burton

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Jack is very popular in Halloweentown, because he is the most terrible skeleton in the entire city. Each Halloween Jack becomes the protagonist of all the festivities, which the whole city is looking forward to all the year. As soon as one Halloween ends so all the inhabitants begin to make plans for the next one – it’s such the city. But once Jack became tired of shaking bones and scaring the rest of evil spirits in the city. After the next Halloween ended he was going out from the town. He felt himself completely ruined and sad. He had come to his senses after a couple of hours, and noticed that he was in an unusual forest. There were huge trees around him. In each tree there was a door. Each door had a picture, on the first one was an Easter egg, on another – a turkey, but Jack was most interested in the door with a Christmas tree…

Text Analysis: Unique words: 688 Total words: 7641

Hard words: vampire, blood, witch, skeleton, scary, mayor, sleigh, petal, reindeer, trick or traet, maggot, nightmare, fog