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Odysseus was a wise ruler of the kingdom. There were many legends about his mind. But what this man lacked was luck. After lot of years in the battle of Troy, he went home. But the return to his wife was not such a simple matter. The gods themselves decided to ruin his life for the offense that that hero had inflicted on them. For lots of years, Odysseus had been floating to the homeland. His elder son Telemachus became an adult man, and his beautiful wife Penelope refused to endless suitors. But not all the gods were hostile to the legendary hero. Athena decided to help Penelope and Telemachus. The family was sure that Odyssey was already dead, but the goddess revealed the truth. He was already very close to finding home. The cunning and strong character of this person helped him avoid problems many times.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1920 Total words: 30013

Hard words: eagle, queen, bowlful, wineskin, crueler, farmworker, jewellery, colourful, cupful, lord, cyclops, phoenician, friendless, silenced, pitifully, shakily, unpunished, sheepskin, armful, calypso, birdsong, fearfully, hungrily, resourcefulness, milking, rudeness, seashore, thoughtless, uninvited, deciding.