USA flag icon  The Prestige

 Christopher Priest

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'The Prestige' is an unusual story that centres on the rivalvy between Rupert Angier and Alfred Borden. The protagonists are acclaimed 19th century stage magicians. The novel is presented in the form of diaries written by Angier and Borden. The two talented men turn from partners into sworn enemies. Each of them will do anything to learn the secrets behind the magic tricks of his rival. So the main characters spend their lives trying to destroy each other. Finally, all the secrets are revealed. The reader may wonder if the success of the magicians was worth the sacrifice of their personal happiness. With its high tension, endless plot twists and provoking themes, this novel is rightfully considered one of the best modern books.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 6670 Total words: 91473

Hard words: deafened, propelled, scoured, spaced, crated, stopping, presto, unalike, stabbed, tucked, unpacked, perfecting, sounded, assembling, assessing, pacing, drifted, ransacked, redbone, attained, positioned, attended, interpreted, pushed, ectoplasmic, compiled, fumbled, roping, deceived, consumed