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 Meg Cabot

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This book is a diary of a young girl who shares her thoughts and experiences with the reader. Her name is Mia and she is only fourteen years old. The girl lives in a cozy apartment in New York with her mother and their fat cat Louis. The girl's mom is a professional artist. She sells her paintings. Mia has only one friend Lilly. This is one of the smartest girls in the class. Lilly explores the city of New York and the problems of its inhabitants. Perhaps this is because of her parents - psychoanalysts. Lilly tries to imitate them and do something good for the world. In Mia's diary you can read not only about lessons, classmates and teachers. She talks about her whole life and the most important events for her. Her parents do not live together. But Mia is glad she maintains the relationship with her father.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2545 Total words: 72128

Hard words: mignonette, sounded, combing, pushed, queen, wondering, attacked, refused, dumped, parents, grabbing, shanghai, interviewed, snowdrop, liked, ironed, answered, heeled, moved, passed, gameboy, bringing, contessa, staying, cleaned, studying, eats, carried, chatting, worst