Great Britain flag icon  The Prisoner of Zenda

 Anthony Hope

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English gentleman named Rudolph traveled through Europe. In the fictional country of Ruritania he met King Rudolf V, who was a distant relative, a namesake and a full twin of him. At a dinner devoted at the funny acquaintance King was poisoned by his cousin Michael, who wanted to seize the throne. The king was dying, the coronation was scheduled for the next day. Head Guard colonel Zapt convinced Rudolph take place relative to the ceremony. The young man were pretending to be a king with success. He also managed to attract the sympathy of the bride of the king, Flavia. Rudolph did not expect to take the place of the king for a long time and was ready to return all the regalia of king when he wakes up. However, the King suddenly kidnapped by men under the command of Michael Rupert.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 969 Total words: 8097

Hard words: bow, awkwardly, torture, moat, stab, dagger, splendid, disaster, cellar, seize, wreckage, trial, slipped, walnut, bucket, whip, cave