Great Britain flag icon  The Real Aunt Molli

 Frank Brennan

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Aunt Molly was a very kind person. All her relatives loved this woman. She was not very smart or successful, but her gentle nature made her very pleasant. This woman's life turned into grief when her lovely husband died. His name was Dalton, but Molly affectionately called him Dally. As a child Molly was very poor. Her parents passed away when she was small. The girl did not have any opportunity to go to school or at least - to learn to read correctly. But, despite this, she still was kind and never complained, though she needed to do the hardest work to get money for food. She worked as a cleaner in many places. Molly met her future husband at work - when she was cleaning the station. Dally was a bus driver, and he noticed young Molly. It was love at first sight. As soon as they met - they fell in love with each other.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 672 Total words: 3120

Hard words: rediscovered, dally, hypnotist, cheerfulness, gentleness, hypnotic, lying, mum, taped, disco, disappoint, cinema, marvel, cheerful, undo, decisive, unwilling, smoothly, relaxed, amazed, nonsense, bored, embarrassment, lively, loudly, thoughtful, unconscious, afterwards, ambulance, fourteen, excite.