Great Britain flag icon  The Red-headed League

 Conan Doyle

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This is one of the unusual stories about the life and work of the world's most known detective and intellectual. One day, Dr. Watson comes to his old friend Holmes and sees that the detective already has a visitor - a big redheaded man named Jabez Wilson. Holmes notices how bright his guest's red hair is. Mr. Wilson says that everything started from an ad offering a good job. But only for the red people. There was also a mysterious phrase "Redheaded league in that offering." Jabez quickly managed to get a job in a mysterious office. The whole day he was rewriting some pages of the British Encyclopedia for some good money. Soon all of a sudden the Redheaded league fell apart. And now Mr. Wilson wants to know what this strange incident really was.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 667 Total words: 3248

Hard words: encyclopaedia, workman, shopkeeper, bookcase, baker, congratulations, magnify, losing, chronicle, luckily, bakery, cellar, trousers, grandson, hobby, carriage, confusing, tattoo, robbery, advertisement, loudly, confused, murderer, strand, excite, ink, silently, rob, thief, clever, boring.