Great Britain flag icon  The Silent World of Nicholas Quinn

 Colin Dexter

1008    104    9    6    89

This is the third novel in the adventure series of Inspector Morse. The plot focuses on the Oxford Syndicate, which conducts exams for students of all ages. Examinations are held in different regions of the UK. Once a new employee comes there. But Mr. Roope, a chemistry teacher, and the Secretary Dr. Bartlett are categorically against this new person. The whole problem is that Mr. Nicholas Quinn is deaf. He is able to communicate only by reading lips. Still Nicholas manages to get this job. He considers himself to be lucky. But soon after that he is found murdered in his own room. Now all the Syndicate employees are under suspicion. So Inspector Morse has to find a real killer among professors and teachers.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1555 Total words: 28222

Hard words: pretending, pushed, containing, cancelled, interviewed, discussed, liked, answered, questioned, moved, fie, addressed, pinewood, cleaned, studying, notepaper, discovered, solved, worked, pretended, crossly, nodding, staring, emptied, rushed, sally, picked, lit, shouted, allowed