Great Britain flag icon  The Smuggler

 Piers Plowright

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When a person travels to different countries, he is forced to cross borders. These are places where countries overlap: every traveler is forced to present documents in order to go through control. This is an essential element of any trip. The customs work at the borders. Some people try to cross borders in secret, without paying money for the goods they carry. These people are called smugglers. Emil was very rich. But on this day he was very nervous. He was sitting at the table in his office and writing a small poem on a piece of paper. The man was not a poet, but that day he decided to write a verse. Suddenly the phone rang. A familiar voice asked about the location of one thing. Emil said he did not understand what he was talking about. But the voice did not believe it. People with weapons entered the office.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1226 Total words: 14976

Hard words: eagle, nailed, bush, windscreen, headscarf, tapping, unsteadily, lakeside, hideout, goodnight, rolled, moustache, steeply, charged, reflected, roaring, hare, lying, sloping, smuggling, speechless, rocking, swinging, undress, suspiciously, y, ambush, further, quarrel, cheerfully.