Great Britain flag icon  The Tell-tale Heart

 Edgar Allan Poe

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Edgar Allan Poe is a universally acknowledged master of dark, mysterious fiction. In his tales and poems, the writer always pays special attention to the psychology and emotional state of the characters. "The Tell-Tale Heart" definitely belongs to his most renowned works. The story attracts your interest right from the beginning. It is narrated by a murderer who describes the process of killing an old man. The motive for the murder is extremely unusual – the victim's "vulture eye". The narrator shocks the reader by the gruesome details of the crime and cynical comments. He believes he committed a perfect murder and manages to avoid suspicion for a while. But something unexpected gets in his way: the old man can't leave him alone even after death.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 591 Total words: 1960

Hard words: unperceived, acuteness, healthily, detected, dulled, sagacity, dissimulation, distinctness, aroused, wronged, stifled, cunningly, vexed, pulsation, hearken, dissemble, cheerily, dreadfully, stealthily, inquiring, gaily, courageously, fluently, hark, concealment, derision, hellish, singularly, audacity.