Great Britain flag icon  The Tenant of Wildfell Hall

 Anne Bronte

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This novel consists of three parts. The plot takes place in Victorian England. Everything begins from a young farmer Gilbert Markham, who tells the readers about a mysterious stranger. Her name is Helen Huntington. One day she appears in an old mansion and causes interest and gossip about her personality. A passionate feeling to Helen is born in Gilbert's heart. However, she prevents their relationship in every possible way. The communication with Helen's son Arthur ties Gilbert even more to this woman. The neighbors do not accept love between a farmer and Mrs. Graham (Helen Huntingdon). It even leads to the fights of the men and sorting things out. After these events, Helen decides to give Gilbert her personal diary. There she describes her life.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1233 Total words: 17755

Hard words: jewellery, lord, canvas bowing, bridegroo eyed, governes august, nobleman, vicar, coldnesbridle, curling, bridesmaid, moor, mada lying, naughty, easel, truthful, quarrel, distrust, pleasantly, gambler