Great Britain flag icon  The Water of Wanting

 Brennan Frank

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Jean, a prominent scientist, is working on an important project. He is trying to invent an additive that can make people eat certain products. Jean wants to call his future invention WOW - the Water of Wanting. This substance can become revolutionary and bring him the recognition he deserves. Besides, the man has a more personal reason to create such an additive. Every day he watches his wife struggling to make their little son eat healthy food. Jean's boss is very excited about the project too. He expects to earn a lot of money if it is successful. But their plans are ruined when Jean sees the other side of this invention. People can get addicted to certain types of food and it can kill them. Jean quits the project and takes a vacation. But now it is up to his boss to decide how to use this WOW.

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Hard words: addicted, petrol, sugary, rubbish, additive, impatiently, thirsty, chemist, amazingly, harmless, sleepy, raised, burger, eighteen, excite, appetite, junk, chat, scar, clever, invention, hunger, unfair, notebook, liquid, safely, calm, lately, wow, uncomfortable, missing.