USA flag icon  The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

 L. Frank Baum

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It's a famous fairytale for little children over the world. Created by American writer over hundred years ago, this book holds in a top list of the best world tales and is loved by the people of all ages. The phenomena of its popularity can be explained by a special atmosphere of a wonderful country where the main hero Dorothy found herself. She was living with aunt and uncle in Kansas. During a cyclone, she didn't have time to go down to the cellar. The cyclone took away the girl and her little dog Toto from the house into the sky and has brought them in an unknown place. There were a lot of colourful flowers and trees instead of grey land like it was at her homeland. Adventures were waiting for the girl and her new friends at this place. She was going to find a way home and only wonderful wizard of Oz could help her with it.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 495 Total words: 4108

Hard words: munchkin, scarecrow, cyclone, winged, coward, ax, wizard, wicked, cellar, whistle, castle, bark, sadly, goodbye, tin, grind, hut, witch, roar, clever, sunny, bucket, balloon, straw, palace, monkey