Great Britain flag icon  Therese Raquin

 Emile Zola

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This deep psychological story touches many sides of family life. Novel full of excessive expression of love. There is a mother, who’s care didn’t give their children a normal development and growing up. And selfish son, who lives only for himself and doesn’t pay enough attention to his family. Finally, Therese Raquin whose passion overstepped the bounds of acceptable. You can be a witness what it results. It is a small family, there are Madame Raquin the widow and business lady, her son Camille and her niece Therese. They live in Vernon in a France. Teresa’s father was French officer and gave her to his sister and went to the war. He is never comeback, so Therese has to live with her aunt. When Therese was grown up enough, aunt decided that her son has to marry his cousin. Previously, Therese’s live was dull and boring, but in marriage it became unbearable.

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Hard words:

jealousy, affair, smuggler, accused, adultery, blotchy, paved, latern, arcade, stiff, wool, shutter curl, seduce, petticoat deceiving, parasol, fainted, spat, stroke, executed