Great Britain flag icon  They Do It with Mirrors

 Agatha Christie

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Miss Marple goes to pay a visit to her old friend Ruth Van Ridock. They studied together in Italy. Ruth tells Miss Marple that there is something wrong in the mansion where her sister Carrie Louise and her husband Lewis live. Miss Marple agrees to visit Carrie Louise and find out what is happening in the mansion. Carrie Louise is pleased to welcome the guest. Lewis, her third husband, controls everything in the house. In addition, some young criminals reside here. Lewis takes care of them. There are also many people in the mansion, but only a few of them are in blood relationship with Carrie Louise. Miss Marple is invited to dinner with a large family. The next night a murder happens in the house. Now she intends to stay here to figure it out

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2216 Total words: 24435

Hard words: mistaking, poisoner, trustful, accountancy, doubting, handcart, marvellous, wrongness, misdirection, forcing, modernized, fused, loyally, unorganized, yugoslavian, fitter, tactfully, unconvincing, charmingly, unpainted, tearfully, unacknowledged, supposing, uncovered, joyfully, embezzlement, regards, unconnected, imagining.