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 Lewis Carroll

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The fairytales about Alice became the world culture property long ago. Their destiny is unique: written for children, they even entered the literature classics for adults. The fairytales also draw the attention of representatives of the liberal arts and natural sciences. Lewis Carroll is a great lover of puzzles, paradoxes and "turntables". As the author of the already well-known "Alice in Wonderland", L. Carroll sends his favorite heroine Alice to another fairy country – Through the Looking Glass. New adventures begin thanks to her curious and cute little creature – a black kitten, with whom Alice is playing. Many various miracles and transformations are waiting for her on the other side of the magical mirror reflection. This time the girl will have to play a chess game after a difficult and sometimes dangerous way from a pawn to a real queen.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1081 Total words: 10089

Hard words: queen, armour, doorpost, tidily, gyre, flowerbed, curtsy, tween, knight, sealing, hairbrush, kitty, walrus, fearfully, brook, signpost, dreamily, unicorn, woolly, lying, mouthful, upside, pawn, fright, helplessly, silvery, shawl, conveniently, seated, waking, upwards.