Great Britain flag icon  Turn of the Screw

 James Henry

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Welcome to the world of English literature of the 19th century. This book was honored with a huge number of film adaptations and theater productions. The novel of Henry James "The Turn of the Screw" can rightly be regarded as a model of gothic style. It contains everything, which is an attribute of this literary trend. The book will undoubtedly be interesting not only for those who love terrible, but those who enjoy logical puzzles. A governess is in the center of the story, who was hired for growing two orphans. Also, she was given a condition - she should not in any case to their uncle and guardian, and had to decide all problems by herself or together with a housekeeper. Everything would be great, if not a secret story, which hovers around of them. The point is that the children have had a governess before this one, which suddenly died...

Text Analysis: Unique words: 704 Total words: 6357

Hard words: quint, schoolroo governes wickednes lovable, lying, naughty, candlelight, housekeeper, losing, dreadful, specially, moonlight, wicked, packet, bored, goodbye, frighten, supper, sadnes murderer, innocence