Joseph Conrad

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Captain MacWhirr looked thoughtfully at the barometer. The weather was bad. It was a short and strong man with sparse hair and a thick beard. MacWhirr talked to people in such a way that they often considered him short-sighted or frankly stupid. When the captain was on land, he always wore a brown hat, a coat and heavy black boots. Many people knew that he was really a very good captain. He always had only the best sailors in the crew. At a young age, he ran away from home and went to Ireland, although his father maintained a small shop in Belfasf. The family was not poor. A few months later, MacWhirr sent a letter to his parents from Chile. He worked and could feed himself. MacWhirr was able to take care of himself from his youth.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 889 Total words: 8822

Hard words: harbour, labourer, whirr, boatswain, helmsman, stupidest, wheelhouse, thumping, drier, steamship, typhoon, fatherly, rolled, rudder, barometer, ventilator, starry, creaking, quickest, lying, rout, stormy, sinking, waking, threatening, noted, overboard, watery, tidy, slum.