Great Britain flag icon  127 Hours

 Aron Ralston

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This book is based on the real events from the life of the author. He was able to overcome everything and survive. People rarely get such ordeals. Ralph worked as an engineer, but he was keen on extreme sports. Later he quit his job in order to conquer all the mountains in Colorado. Once he went alone on one of such trips without telling anyone. Ralph also had communication problems, as the mobile network often does not work in the mountainous region. This fact did not bother the man. He decided to continue the adventure. The alpinist had only a small backpack with groceries for one day and a penknife. He did not have any other means of survival. Ralph did not even suspect that soon he would have to fight for his own life.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1389 Total words: 13175

Hard words: stopping, noticing, parents, answered, moved, biking, carried, carabiner, worst, discovered, worked, picked, protecting, kept, stole, described, circling, pushing, explained, filmed, travelling, rappel, chipping, worse, butch, housemate, taught, returned, taken, pointing