A: Graded (sometimes called adapted) books are simplified classic books or written from scratch ones using simple English. Such books are graded by levels. The lower level - the simpler words and language constructions are used. Using graded books, you can enjoy reading without much effort and slowly increase your vocabulary.
A: If you have just started learning English, you should start with books from the first level - Elementary. But if you have been learning English for a while, you can try Pre-intermediate. If Pre-Intermediate books are too easy for you - try Intermediate and so on. At the right level, you should know most (95%) of the words on each page. When you know all of the words, it is time to move to the next level up.
A: Unabridged 'level' means that the book is not simplified in any way - it's the original version from the author.
A: Of course, you can try. But if your own vocabulary contains words from graded books only - unabridged ones will be very hard for you. There is a big difference between advanced graded and unabridged books. You should learn the full grammar course of English before trying the originals. Also after graded books, you can try magazines, journals and news in English - they are much easier to understand.
A: Unfortunately, you can't. If you want to better develop your English, you should not stick with only graded books because they can limit you. As soon as you can freely read advanced level books, you should move on. But if English is just your hobby, you can just enjoy reading graded books.

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