Great Britain flag icon  47 Ronin a Samurai from Japan

 Jennifer Bassett

16223    893    110    63    25     53

The plot of this book is based on true events. This story has been retold in songs, legends, theatrical performances for over 300 years. There are several adaptations. Even nowadays the story is known in Japan. It is a real legend. Honor and duty are above all for a samurai. The worst thing for any samurai is not to protect his master. In this case, such samurai becomes a ronin, a warrior without a suzerain. He has no rights and future anymore. In the spring of 1701, Lord Asano crosses his sword with Lord Kira's. In this battle, only one survives. 47 samurai turn into ronin. They have only one goal left - to avenge their master. The story of true loyalty, long journey and revenge on Lord Kira begins.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 805 Total words: 8120

Hard words: pushed, attacked, armour, parents, liked, answered, shogun, aaah, nightclothes, moved, passed, carried, worked, honour, swordsman, lord, kept, shouted, held, touched, watching, arrested, bowed, turned, whispering, tied, remembered, dressed, helped, pulled