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 Nick Hornby

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The protagonist of the book is very fond of Bruce Springsteen music. One of the songs of this musician sounded in many important moments of his life. He would like to ride along the highway, listening to this good song, so that the speed was great, and the wind was waving his long hair. But he does not have a car and his hair is short. Life is not something corresponding to your dream. The whole life of this young man is like songs of various famous performers. Each period reminds him of a particular song, and he lives listening to this music. He is a writer. When he started doing it professionally, He realized that choosing the life path is like love. When you fall in love you don't always choose the wisest partner. The choice does not take place with the help of the mind. The heart and soul are the main things here.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1767 Total words: 7036

Hard words: smiler, troublingly, meathead, queen, snarly, folky, influencing, squelching, reviewed, stupefying, farting, philistinism, churchy, pleasurably, collaborating, unarguably, hosting, dippy, uncultured, crudity, boor, slickly, inanity, coital, wheezy, jingoistic, languor, sequenced, overwrought, diagnosed, bewilder.