Great Britain flag icon  A Christmas Ghost

 Lesley Thompson

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Dan and Alex decided to spend Christmas in Australia. They came from foggy London, so the Australian weather was very unusual for them. Alex was surprised that there was no snow. One day the two guys went for a walk by car. Suddenly the car broke down in the middle of the road. The next town was far away from them. The situation was difficult. Alex and Dan needed help. They waited for some hours. Finally a car appeared on the road. This car stopped and a young man came out. He was strange and silent. The young man drove Dan and Alex to the town. It was dark when they arrived. Dan and Alex went to the garage. The car disappeared soon. The two guys didn't understand who they met on the road. But they were going to find it out.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 278 Total words: 1490

Hard words: parents, worked, turned, disappeared, helped, needed, stopped, kangaroo, drove, excitedly, wanted, going, called, said, nineteen, saw, don, goodbye, crying, coming, fascinating, closed, ghost, garage, asleep, fifty, scared, exciting, net, found