Great Britain flag icon  A Christmas Tragedy

 Agatha Christie

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Christmas is the time for family feasts and relaxation. But sometimes it happens that at this time happiness and fun are not for everyone. Just before Christmas, Miss Marple was vacationing at a resort where she met a young married couple, Jack and Gladys Sanders. The professional intuition told Miss Marple that Gladys was in trouble. The married couple lived on the income of the wife. Mrs. Sanders das savings that would only be available to her husband after her death. Miss Marple's intuition was right. Once she saw Mr. Sanders's unsuccessful attempt to push his wife off the tram. The conductor managed to help the girl in time. The atmosphere at the resort became tense. Two employees died. Are these events related?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1319 Total words: 8162

Hard words: pretending, surrounded, proved, wishing, liked, hanged, grey, faced, moved, treacherously, passed, decorously, bringing, frowning, struck, rifled, gentlewoman, blushing, underclothes, carried, incomprehensibly, discovered, murmured, blinded, endeavour, groaning, tilting, tattle, nodding, rushed