Great Britain flag icon  A Dubious Legacy

 Wesley Mary

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There are always many visitors in Henry Tillotson's house. The young man is kind and helpful. That's why everyone likes him. All his friends are surprised when Henry marries an extravagant woman named Margaret. Margaret is beautiful but also lazy and selfish. She stays in the bed all the time. The woman does nothing. Her only hobby is redecorating her room. Margaret is very nasty and often says terrible things to Henry's guests. She brings a lot of trouble. But Henry is always forgiving. The biggest problem for Henry is that his wife doesn't want to have kids. The man had a very unusual reason to marry Margaret. Now divorce is impossible. Despite the unsuccessful marriage, Henry finds a way to live a happy life.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1601 Total words: 22327

Hard words: sounded, pushed, disbelievingly, noticing, blamed, fathering, hurrying, surrounded, wondering, refused, hector, avoided, parents, discussed, wishing, liked, floored, grey, faced, marrying, aaah, moved, passed, bringing, staying, studying, circled, carried, chatting, discovered