Great Britain flag icon  The Ghost

 Robert Harris

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Do you know who a ghostwriter is? It's an author who helps celebrities write their autobiographies. And that's what I am doing for living. Now I am working on the autobiography of a famous footballer. Suddenly my agent calls me and asks for a meeting. He says that Adam Lang, ex-prime minister of Great Britain urgently looks for a new ghostwriter. His previous ghostwriter was found dead at the beach. The police think it was a suicide. I have never written about politics and I'm not interested in it. I think politicians' memories are the most boring books. And this is where I should refuse and come back to my safe and easy life. But the money is good. Finally I decide to go on an interview. Next day everything begins. My girlfriend leaves me. Someone attacks and robs me. What will be next?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1940 Total words: 26486

Hard words: pretending, unpacked, sounded, attended, pushed, letterbox, containing, queen, blamed, hurrying, surrounded, armoured, attacked, newsreader, refused, interviewed, lecturing, snapped, liked, answered, grey, faced, moved, passed, dismissed, investigated, addressed, publishable, staying, studying