Great Britain flag icon  A Moment of Madness

 Thomas Hardy

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Almost all the familiar Baptists would easily agree that she is not a very interesting woman. She does not cause much sympathy, but also does not cause hate. Not every person can be understood quickly and easily. Many emotions are hidden deep inside and these people do not manifest themselves in ordinary life. She was born and lived in the west of England. The woman's father was a farmer. He spent a large amount of money to send her to a good school. After graduation, she found a job. Now she teaches children as well as she can. But something begins to bother the woman. It turns out that a neighbor from her native village wants to marry her. He is much older and planned this wedding, even when she was a child. And now the parents say that she must accept this proposal.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 822 Total words: 5684

Hard words: unluckily, refused, parents, wishing, smelling, liked, answered, faced, marrying, passed, sighing, struck, staying, cleaned, mending, carried, discovered, punished, crossly, staring, kept, catching, held, worriedly, realized, remembering, understood, quietness, taught, turned