Great Britain flag icon  A Mountain Accident

 Clare Gray

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It was a nice summer day. The hard working week was finally over and Aaron Ralston enjoyed the fresh air and clear skies during a leisurely walk. The guy stopped to listen to the silence of the mountains. He wondered how pleasant and good his life was. At this moment a collapse began. The huge stones fell on him and Aaron did not have time to escape. After a few seconds, his hand was pressed with a heavy piece of rock. Aaron remained calm, even though the pain was terrible. He knew how to survive in the wildlife and knew what he should do. Aaron had a small supply of food, a penknife, and willpower. This story is about a man who survived a terrible ordeal, but came home alive. Later, an interesting movie was made about this situation.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 325 Total words: 966

Hard words: mountainside, unimportant, lifeless, losing, climbing, fastest, eighteen, grind, sixteen, shiny, brave, calm, tightly, hopefully, lonely, steep, cloth, continued, worried, hungry, painful, meter, closer, darkness, chocolate, strongly, knife, opposite, silent, shout, forever.