Great Britain flag icon  A Pot Full of Tears

 Lauri Kubuitsile

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Luck is such a thing that you will not get for a long time. Sometimes it comes, quickly and unexpectedly. It disappears even faster. Some women dream of children, but cannot have them. Others have many children, but do not have enough money to feed and maintain them. Some families have children and love them, while other children will never see their parents. They are forced to live and grow in orphanages. But how to understand which of them are more fortunate? A lonely old man is sitting in a small room. He is silent. He is looking at the old wooden floor. A woman is sitting in the next room. She does not live in this house; she looks completely different. The smell of her expensive perfume does not fit this poor house. There is a scream. And in a few minutes the woman takes out the baby wrapped in a blanket from the room.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 269 Total words: 889

Hard words: steaming, smoky, barren, curved, grandson, perfume, goodbye, loving, thief, eyebrow, lamp, sum, blanket, flame, hungry, loud, rice, stranger, cheek, wooden, smell, luck, pot, lock, lucky, scream, escape, secret, comfortable, expensive, belong.