Great Britain flag icon  A Sea Change

 Veronica Henry

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Many call Jenna The Ice Cream Girl. She doesn't mind this nickname. After all, there are much worse nicknames. Jenna considers this one happy. And selling ice creams on Everden Beach is not the worst job in the world. At least she can always sunbathe and breathe fresh air. Craig is a policeman. Now he is trying to rest after his hard and nervous work. He is renting a villa on this beach with a few mates. The man spends all his free time surfing. On one weekend he notices The Ice Cream Girl on the beach. Events start moving fast. This story is not too long. It tells about human relationships. How each choice affects the future life of these characters. This is a funny book but still it has some room for real drama.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2584 Total words: 21722

Hard words: recognised, clubbed, pretending, pricking, slipway, stopping, dipped, tucked, breadline, nicked, sounded, paintwork, drifted, zipped, straying, scrounger, pushed, lugged, churned, gagging, thirstily, unfolded, surrounded, torturing, wondering, chipboard, bawling, sung, refused, dumped