Great Britain flag icon  A Time of Waiting

 Clare West

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When was the last time you saw a real polar bear? When did you communicate with a real magician? Together with the characters of this book you will experience many adventures. Some will be fun, others will be dramatic and sad. Some of them will be able to shock even the most sophisticated reader. This book shares stories that take place in many countries. A woman from Canada and a man from Singapore are in crisis after the destruction of their marriages. Young people in Nigeria and Australia embark on an exciting but extremely dangerous journey. An old woman in Trinidad is waiting for her husband. A girl in Malaysia has been avenging on her own aunt for many years. But she finds out a terrible family secret. Visit many countries and discover other people's destinies just by reading this book.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2157 Total words: 17061

Hard words: deafened, pretending, sounded, pushed, noticing, containing, surrounded, wondering, hesitatingly, refused, mealie, eggy, unhesitating, discussed, smelling, liked, answered, grey, faced, marrying, moved, passed, reaching, bringing, frowning, staying, unhurriedly, dishwater, jewellery, mending