Great Britain flag icon  A Walk in Amnesia

 O. Henry

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The protagonist of the book worked as a lawyer. One day he said goodbye to his wife. Everything was as usual: they drank tea and the wife led her husband to the door and straightened his coat. She asked him to be careful. Lawyer's friend, the doctor, advised the hero to work less diligently. He was always much overstrained and risked his health. He began to suffer from amnesia, because the brain is a very delicate organ and it is easy to damage it. The man was sure that he rested enough and there was nothing to fear. But soon the man woke up in the train. He felt as if he had slept for a very long time. He realized that he did not remember his name. There were no documents in the pockets. There was only a large amount of cash. The doctor was right and the lawyer had serious health problems.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 404 Total words: 1469

Hard words: druggist, amnesia, wed, yearly, bill, noisy, loudly, suitcase, goodbye, excite, taxi, crowded, forty, uncomfortable, excuse, pleased, weekly, fifteen, ill, thirty, friendly, fifth, smell, usual, coat, hello, reply, tea, silent, sir, twenty.