Great Britain flag icon  A White Heron

 Sarah Orne Jewett

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The sun still shone, but it was about to set over the horizon. The forest and the field were covered with thick shadows. Sylvia was driving home her cow. It was a very annoying creature, but it produced delicious milk. Sometimes it took a long time to find this animal. The cow liked to hide among the bushes. This time the cow was calm. They were going quickly. But it was already late. Sylvia thought waht her grandmother would say about this. Suddenly the girl heard a strange whistle not far away. It didn't sound like a bird or an animal. Sylvia was frightened. She imagined a villain appearing there to kill her. But instead of a robber, a tall and absolutely not terrible stranger came out of the forest.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 699 Total words: 3235

Hard words: hallo, liked, answered, purring, moved, passed, bush, carried, discovered, houseful, kept, letting, stepped, watching, turned, eyed, caught, disappeared, decided, moo, dropped, roughness, filled, stopped, whispered, hurried, hemlock, tried, hiding, collecting