Great Britain flag icon  Adventure at Haydon Point

 Elizabeth Ferretti

1616    114    18    13    21

Sam looked at his watch. He was almost there! He could see a bright shining moon out of the window. There were trees and a river. But Sam began to worry. What if this wasn't the right station? What if his uncle wasn't there to meet him? The train went slower. The train driver announced the station. This was the right place. Sam took his things and got off the train. He lived in the big and noisy London. There were always many people there. Here in the countryside it was very quiet and dark. There were no people around. Sam was completely alone. The boy was a little scared. He tried to calm himself. It was an ordinary village railway station. There was no danger. Sam just waited for his uncle with these thoughts.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 766 Total words: 7181

Hard words: sounded, pushed, liked, answered, staying, cleaned, spoonbill, carried, worked, picked, woof, arriving, shouted, explained, phew, held, travelling, pulling, watching, stealing, worse, taught, turned, tied, returned, disappeared, dressed, pulled, seconds, opened