Great Britain flag icon  Agnes Grey

 Anne Bronte

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This story takes place in the nineteenth century. A young girl named Agnes and her sister Mary are from a poor family. Their mother was disinherited in her youth. Now Agnes decides to start earning and help her close people. She finds a job as a governess in the Bloomfield family. But this family makes a very bad impression. Children behave badly. They do not listen to anyone and do not want to study. The parents are not interested in their education at all. Working in this family is very hard as Agnes has not even a permission to punish naughty children. But she decides to stay. It is getting harder and harder. The parents only fulfil all the whims of their son and daughter. Soon the young governess is fired. Agnes does not give up. She wants to work as a governess in another family.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1690 Total words: 24466

Hard words: pretending, sounded, pushed, organised, blamed, wondering, sung, refused, parents, exercising, grabbing, ignoring, discussed, proved, liked, answered, grey, marrying, questioned, ignored, moved, passed, dismissed, hurting, flirtatiously, studying, bush, carried, rested, pretended