Great Britain flag icon  All about Desert Life

 Julie Penn

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What do you know about deserts? Besides the fact that there is hot and a lot of sand there? What are the largest deserts on Earth? What kinds of animals live there? What plants grow? This is a very dry place. About twenty centimeters of rain fall there a year. This is a very small amount of water. There may be not a drop of water for several months or even years. By the way, not all deserts are filled with sand. Some have a stony surface. It is very hot there during the day, up to fifty degrees Celsius. But when the sun goes down - the temperature drops and can be below zero. That is why it is so hard and uncomfortable to travel. In addition, it is also very cold in the desert in winter. While the rest of the regions receive their rate of moisture from rain, one can see a thick fog in the desert more often.

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