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 Helen Parker

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This is not just a historical book about the period of slavery in the United States. This is not an ordinary story about the hard life of a woman. You will learn about a woman who spent many years in slavery in the southern United States. But she was strong enough to change everything. Her parents were slaves in Maryland. Like many others, they worked hard to survive. The fifth of nine children, the girl started working at the age of six. The owners treated her like an animal, not a human. At the age of eleven, the girl began adult work. But a few years later, she planned an escape. The girl managed to run away. She even helped to free hundreds of other slaves and fed them. This is a true heroine who saved many lives.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1082 Total words: 8570

Hard words: queen, attacked, refused, parents, maths, harbour, moved, delivered, copied, discovered, worked, punished, argentinian, honour, lit, stole, designed, arriving, allowed, nursemaid, travelling, realized, peronist, nominated, arrested, worse, understood, taught, returned, owned