Great Britain flag icon  As Time Goes By

 Michael Walsh

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This story begins where the movie Casablanca comes to an end. One small Moroccan city was known for its population in those years. Not only criminals came there, but also people who tried to hide from the Nazis. Those who were more fortunate got documents and went even further - to the United States of America. Victor and his wife came to Lisbon to join the fight for the freedom of Europe. There are three men at the airport. Rick is the owner of the club. Once he had an affair with the wife of Victor. Sam is a pianist from America. He works together with Rick. Louis ia a French police chief. All three men are ready to leave Morocco. This book will share exciting stories of these outstanding people with the reader.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 1787 Total words: 22367

Hard words: pretending, pearl, sounded, pushed, wondering, refused, disliked, liked, ruby, answered, faced, marrying, questioned, moved, passed, reaching, delivered, struck, staying, undone, carried, boarded, formed, worst, worked, pretended, produced, staring, rushed, picked