Great Britain flag icon  At the Old Swimming Hole

 Sara Paretsky

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Alicia, Vicotia's friend, invited her to swimming competition. They had been friends since they secondary school. The organizer changed the swimmers' positions, leaving the first lane empty. The starting gun was fired and six bodies threw themselves into the water. The water around the second swimmer was turning red. Victoria jumped to the water and helped to lift that woman from water. The woman was dead a few minutes after this accident. Victoria told all necessary to policemen and she took Alicia to Victoria's house. Victoria wanted to know about what was going on in the swimming pool. Alicia did tell her nothing. At night the telephone rang and some voice in the telephone said her Alicia was lucky but at next time she won't...

Text Analysis: Unique words: 585 Total words: 2305

Hard words: defence, gambler, connected, tidy, managed, gamble, affected, informed, answering, sergeant, don, thirteen, frighten, supper, downstairs, silently, gambling, suitable, upstairs, lane, bath, sum, businessman, anxious, disk, missing, changing, worried, borrow.