Great Britain flag icon  Barchester Towers

 Anthony Trollope

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It is the end of July. But the residents of Barchester do not think about warm weather. One much more important question occupies their minds. Who will be the new bishop? Their versions have been constantly changing for the past ten days. It has been bothering people more and more. The previous bishop had been serving for many years. Several years ago the man fell ill and everyone understood his disease was fatal. The bishop was to die. Some time later he died peacefully in his sleep. People remember him as a calm and gentle person. Now they think his son will be the next bishop. But as reality shows, everything rarely happens exactly the way the people expect. Difficult times are waiting for the small town.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2484 Total words: 29093

Hard words: pursued, plentifully, ungentlemanly, possessing, trefoil, unkindness, overcoming, influencing, archdeacon, unsociable, misbehaving, pretence, omicron, unladylike, doubting, pleasantness, obliged, honour, lord, matchmaking, inexpressible, bowing, delightedly, houseguest, signora, informing, courting, guano, shuddering, possessed, strictness.