Great Britain flag icon  Between Two Worlds

 Stephen Rabley

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It is a short and simple story about kind and professional people who live in Australia. Australia is a huge land. There is a plenty of places that are difficult to get to. When somebody needs help in those places, the doctors use the planes. These doctors are called Flying Doctors. Bob Mills is one of them. Joanna Jimbuku is a nurse. She works together with Bob Mills. Once they got a call from Woomara – homeland of Joanna. An eighteen-month girl was very ill. Five minutes later the doctor and his nurse were flying to Woomara – a very small place between the trees and a river. After the examination Flying Doctor had to take the baby to Sydney. The little patient had serious problems with her heart. But her mother couldn't go with the child. She had to look after six children. The kind nurse Joanna left her job for two weeks to take care of the sick baby in Sydney. Will the girl be able to recover?

Text Analysis: Unique words: 295 Total words: 902

Hard words: bluebird, goodbye, eighteen, grind, ill, breakfast, boss, hello, reply, sad, hat, noise, beside, holiday, tired, everywhere, nurse, airport, expensive, thanks, works, weather, lunch, reading, quiet, shop, river, quick.