Great Britain flag icon  Beyond the Wall

 Ambrose Bierce

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The main character of the book was born in NewYork, but lived in Hong Kong. He had a successful business in Asia and the money was always in abundance. Twenty years later, he decided to return home in New York. On the way, he stopped in California for a week. There he had a friend named Mohun Dampier. Dampier never worked. He just lived off his parents. Mohun was also convinced that the magic existed and ruled all his life. He enjoyed reading occult books. When the main character wrote to Mohun, he soon sent a servant to the hotel. In the evening, the main character went by taxi to his friend's house. It was a brick mansion near the ocean. Mohun changed a lot. He looked like an old man. Some interesting changes happened in his life.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 562 Total words: 2499

Hard words: pacific, tapping, occult, goodnight, landlady, superstitious, triad, brim, stormy, superstition, disturbed, neglected, teller, racing, stairway, shadowy, sunshine, fashionable, niece, staircase, sensible, foolish, cigar, loudly, frighten, sadness, excite, fatal, soak, straw, awake.