Great Britain flag icon  Bloody Legacy

 Michael Bacon

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This is a little story in the detective genre, which can make the reader's evening much more interesting. A smart and talented inspector from Scotland Yard investigates another crime case. Miss Paddington does not stay away. She immediately comes to the aid of him. This curious woman is a big lover of detective novels and she is happy to take part in the investigation. But beyond that, Miss Paddington has another secret goal - she wants the detective to marry an attractive young lady named Elvira Elliot. Whose intellect will prevail - an experienced inspector's or a housewife's, who is fascinated by cheap paperback detective novels? The story, despite its small volume, can show a lot of interesting plot twists.

Text Analysis: Unique words: 2188 Total words: 11863

Hard words: carriageway, stubbed, resented, harbored, fumbled, poppet, heightening, pompously, popped, retrieved, potting, ageing, plummy, purring, rattled, winking, vestry, oozing, modulated, timbered, appropriated, murmured, scooped, leering, sterling, bodywork, reproachfully, drily.